Crustor is a barnacle-covered Nighlok. He wields a sword in battle and can breathe fire. Serrator gave Crustor the job to find the Bullzord so that it can be part of a bigger plot that he has planned. Crustor targeted a boy named Cody whose family had guarded the seal that contains the Bullzord in a plot to gain control of the Bullzord. Crustor follows Cody to where the Bullzord is sealed where he releases the Bullzord. When the Bullzord is freed and runs rampant, Crustor plans to find a way to capture the Bullzord and Cody. Crustor orders the Giant Moogers to capture the Bullzord and Cody unharmed with the Samurai Megazord and the Claw Battlezord competing against them to capture the Bullzord. When the Moogers fail, Crustor states that capturing the Bullzord will be tough enough. Crustor states to Master Xandred that he will go after the Bullzord again. Crustor and the Moogers track the Bullzord and end up fighting the Samurai Rangers. Crustor proceeds to go after the Bullzord with Jayden on his trail. Crustor infiltrates the Bullzord as Jayden also enters the Bullzord where he fights Crustor. As Jayden fights Crustor, the Bullzord is heading straight towards the cliff. Upon knocking down Crustor, Jayden gives Cody a disk which combined with Cody's symbol power to tame the Bullzord while he continues to fight Crustor as Jayden assumes his Super Samurai Mode and knocks him out of the Bullzord. After the Bullzord is tamed, Crustor grows to giant size. After Cody gets to safety, Jayden ends up transforming the Bullzord into the Bull Megazord and Jayden transform into Shogun Mode. The Bull Megazord manages to destroy Crustor with the Revolving Laser Blaster and Final Strike attack.


  • Blazing Firestorm