Doubletone is a two-toned Nighlok that is armed with the a Bamboo-like spear. His moves are a Tiger Tidal Wave (emitted from the tiger half of his body) and a Sanzu River Tidal Wave. Summoned by Octoroo, Doubletone is sent to increase the River by doing what he loves best: shattering people's dreams. Appearing in the mortal realm before a boy named Ryan, Doubletone accomplish his goal by tricking the boy with a false promise of seeing his father again if he gives up baseball. He is defeated by Kevin and Mia and then destroyed by Samurai Megazord. In "Party Monsters, Doubletone appears at a Halloween Party at a club in the Nighlok Heaven and recaps his battle with the Rangers to the other Nighloks.


  • Steam blast
  • Tiger Tidal Wave/Super Tsunami