Gigertox Third Life

A Nighlok with strecthable tentacles that can grab anybody. Octoroo sent Gigertox to cause enough fear on the humans in order to reawaken Master Xandred. Gigertox was charged with Octoroo's power to become the most powerful Nighlok ever. Gigertox caused a lot of trouble, including weakening the Gold Ranger. Gigertox was shown a hard opponent. Gigertox was eventually defeated by Lauren's Super Bullzooka. Antonio was too weak, and the others had to battle alone with the BattleWing Megazord. In giant size, Gigertox was armed with a sword. Although the BattleWing Megazord eventually took down Gigertox, he suddenly transformed into a giant snake of dark mist (which could possibly be Gigertox's true form). The Rangers then destroyed Gigertox's snake form with the Samurai Gigazord. Octoroo took some damage due to the fact Gigertox used almost all of Octoroo's power.


  • Tentacle binds
  • breath blast
  • energy thorn spray
  • blasting
  • Fire blast (Third Life)

Trivia Edit

  • In his third life, Gigertox was rendered almost unable to speak.