Grinataur is a large-mouthed Nighlok armed with a sword. He can shoots black sand out of his tongue that can make people hungry and thirsty as well as emitting energy balls. Grinataur used his hunger-inducing powers on most of the Rangers (except for Emily who was going through some doubts) as well as some other humans. When Grinataur returned, Jayden ended up fighting Grinataur until Emily arrived. Grinataur tries to use his hunger-inducing sands on Emily only for her to conjure a wall. Using the Black Box, Emily managed to defeat Grinataur enough to negate his power on everyone. Grinataur grows as the other Rangers arrive and form the Samurai Gigazord. After Emily temporarily disengages the Apezord from the formation to cause a diversion on Grinataur, the Samurai Gigazord manages to destroy Grinataur. In "A Crack In The World," it was revealed he was involved in Serrator's plot.


  • Spews toxic dirt that causes humans to eat and eat until their bellies burst
  • sword energy slash
  • exploding energy balls
  • needle spray
  • blasting