Jayden's father

Jayden's and Lauren's father was the previous Red Samurai Ranger before Jayden and Lauren and was able to seal Master Xandred away, but not permanently. It is assumed the other rangers' parents were his team mates. He gave Jayden the Lion FoldingZord.

Knowing that himself couldn't master the sealing symbol, Jayden's father put his faith in his son Jayden and daughter Lauren. Before leaving for his battle, he gave Jayden the Lion Folding Zord. Soon. Xandred and his Nighloks were waging an intense battle that overwhelmed the rangers. Mr. Shiba didn't have a choice but to use the sealing symbol. He hoped that even an imperfect seal would send Xandred down, long enough for Lauren to master the symbol, and Jayden to train and bring together the team. It is unknown if he survived or perished after the fight.