A Nighlok who assisted Master Xandred and Octoroo into testing a mooger rifle squad with master blasters him being armed with one himself. Once the test was complete, Maldan rendezvous with Serrator on the island of Monalua where he and the Moogers use the Master Blasters on the Samurai Rangers. He managed to knock down Antonio. In the nick of time, Mentor Ji arrived with the new Bullzooka created by Cody's family as Jayden uses the Bullzooka to take out the Moogers. Maldan then uses his Master Blaster to fight Jayden. Jayden uses the Bullzooka's Bullzooka Blast to defeat Maldan who commented that this wasn't part of the plan. Maldan then grows as the other Rangers use the Bull Megazord and the Lightzord fight Malden while Jayden tries to exterminate the paranoid. Maldan is assisted by Giant Moogers to use the Super Master Blaster on the Megazords. After the Giant Moogers were defeated, the Lightzord then disarms Maldan as the Bullzord uses it's Revolving Laser Blaster to destroy Maldan.


  • Blasting
  • Barrage Attack