Giant Moogers
Flying Moogers
Master Blasters

The Moogers are foot soldiers that serve Master Xandred. They are armed with swords and bows and are modeled after a coral and a sea anemone.

There's also Giant Moogers that are used to fight the Zords.

There were also Flying Moogers for aerial attacks which first appear in "Jayden's Challenge" to assist Robtish.

There are other Moogers equipped with blasters, but the even stronger ones are the Master Blasters which have professional hats and take lots of Moogers to carry starting with "Trust Me."

In "Party Monsters," the Moogers that were slain by the Rangers were shown in the Nighlok Heaven catering the Halloween party that the defeated Nighloks attended. there are also some mooger trick or treaters with one being dressed as the samurai megazord.

2 nighlok-eyescar and general gut-have used moogers with purple garbed attire.