Splitface is a multi-faced Nighlok who is armed with a sword and steals people's spirits. He does this to make his victim's loved ones sad and heartbroken so the Sanzu River would rise and cause the Great Flood. He stole a group of civilians' spirits. The rangers show up to fight Splitface, but he shows to be a difficult challenge to them, and while knocking out Emily, Spitface commented that Emily's spirit "will make a fine dessert" and takes away Emily's spirit. He returns to the Netherworld with intent on staying there. With enough Symbol Power, the Rangers draw Splitface out of the Netherworld. And Splitface himself was defeated by the Rangers' weapons. When Splitface grew giant, Mia thought that they couldn't defeat them due to Emily's loss of spirit, however the Gold Ranger summoned the Clawzord, And the Clawzord attacked Spitface, Spitface called a huge army of giant Moogers. The Clawzord sent flying discs, as well as becoming the Claw Battlezord East. Nonetheless the Claw Batllezord East brought most of the Giant Moogers. The Clawzord became Claw Battlezord West and evaded the attacks before the giant moogers were taking out by assisting Samurai Battlewing. Next the Claw Battlezord South attacked Splitface, and Clawzord's Double Katana strike injured him. The Clawzord then used Claw Battlezord East's finisher to defeat Splitface, returning everybody's spirits. In "Party Monsters", Splitface appears at a Halloween Party at a club in the Nighlok Heaven and recaps his battles with the Rangers to the other Nighloks.


  • Spirit steal
  • Body Swarm; blast