Switchbeast is a cat-like Nighlok armed with a nagamaki. He can switch the spirits of anyone and place the original spirits in a different object. Switchbeast arrives at Master Xandred's ship and states that he was sent by a powerful Nighlok to assist him. When he first fought the Rangers, Switchbeast placed Jayden's spirit into a garden gnome, Kevin's spirit into a ballerina music box, Mia's spirit into a fan, and Antonio's spirit into a fish he was going to eat. Switchbeast also traps the spirits of people at a public market (including Bulk and Spike) in some of the items they were selling. Switchbeast does this to have the humans "recycle" his victims without knowing it, which will cause the misery of the people he switched to raise the Sanzu River. Mike and Emily manage to switch Switchbeast's spirit with Mike to make him force the spirits of everyone back into their own bodies. This works as even the Samurai return, but unfortunately Antonio is traumatized when he escapes just as a stray cat is about to eat the fish he was in. Switchbeast is then defeated by the Green Ranger/Super Samurai Mode. When Switchbeast grows, the two Rangers must pilot their Claw Armor Megazord which they use to destroy Switchbeast. In "Something Fishy," it was revealed that Switchbeast was associated with Serrator.


  • Able to switch people's spirits and trap them into objects
  • Switch Blast