Vulpes is a part-fox, part-crow Nighlok who spies on Jayden to find out about his Symbol Power to seal Master Xandred with his mirror called the "Enchanted Eye". He has a many Mirror spells. He can open a portal to reflect back the Rangers sword attacks, can copy their sword slash attack, summon energy crows, and use his Fox Veil to become invisible. When it comes to his recent spying on Jayden on the sea shore, he ended up heading up to Spring Valley when he lost visual of Jayden. Vulpes arrived at Spring Valley where Jayden ambushed him and stole Vulpes' mirror. Jayden revealed that Vulpes' mirror can't work if the person is in pure water. After destroying Vulpes' mirror, Jayden, Kevin, and Mia called for Mike and Emily to help fight Vulpes. When the Rangers activated the Spin Swords, he used his Fox Reflector to take down the Rangers. Just then, the mysterious fish vendor the Rangers were chasing earlier arrives and turns into the Gold Ranger and ends up fighting Vulpes alongside the Moogers. After the Moogers were taken down, Vulpes then fights the Gold Ranger. Jayden uses his Spin Sword - Blazing Strike to knock Vulpes down. The Gold Ranger then uses his Barracuda Blade to defeat Vulpes. Vulpes then grew to giant size and the Rangers form the Battlewing Megazord. Vulpes then made himself invisible and attacked the Rangers. The Gold Ranger summons the Octo Zord which uses its ink cloud to reveal Vulpes and attack him. Vulpes is then destroyed by the Battlewing Megazord's Flying Slash. In "Room for One More," it is revealed that Vulpes was good friends with Steeleto. In "Party Monsters," Vulpes appears at a Halloween Party at a club in the Nighlok Heaven and recaps his battle with the Rangers to the other Nighloks (despite him not fully shown).


  • seeing eye
  • Fox Cyclone
  • Fox Fire (floating blue fireballs)
  • Fox Flare
  • Fox Reflection Steal
  • copy attack
  • Fierce Fox Flock
  • Vulpes Vail (cloak)